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First-year students are not allowed to bring cars to campus, unless it poses a significant hardship.  If this is the case, the student should contact the Office of Campus Life for approval prior to August 1, 2015 at (909) 607-2239.  It is not necessary for first-year students to have cars because a significant portion of the average student’s social life occurs on campus. After the first year, students are better able to assess the importance of a car to their lives and to weigh this against the inconvenience of parking, security, and requests by friends for chauffeuring services.  Students are required to register their vehicles with Campus Safety.  Each student is allowed to have one car and pay a registration fee of $60 per semester with Campus Safety.


In addition to skateboards, bicycles are one of the most common ways students get to and from class. However, please be wary that bicycle theft is the most highly reported crime at the consortium. The Office of Campus Life recommends that first-year students visit their office to register their bicycles; they also recommend the use of U-locks as opposed to cable locks to secure bicycles to bicycle racks because cable locks are easier to cut. The most protected bicycles have their quick-release wheels secured and are locked to bicycle racks using both U-locks and cable locks. A few students keep their bicycles in their rooms. For more information, please contact the Office of Campus Life at (909) 607-2239.

Green Bikes

Created and operated by 5C students, Green Bikes is a program that promotes bicycle use on and off campus. Green Bikes maintains a fleet of bikes that they “rent” to students free-of-charge for a semester at a time. The Green Bikes shop, located in the basement of Clark III (ramped entrance off of Sixth Street), also repairs personal bikes free of charge (not including cost of parts).  Email Green Bikes at for more information about Fall 2015 hours.

Local Transportation

There are a variety of transportation options on and near campus. Listed below are the most common ways students get around on a regular basis:

  • Buses are the best choice for short trips to and from shopping centers. One way costs $1.25 in exact change, and the closest station is located south of the first-year dorms at 200 West First Street. Use Foothill Transit’s website to plan a round-trip bus ride and to find the most up-to-date information on bus routes and prices:
  • Zipcars reside in parking lots across campus. Students can reserve Zipcars in advance on the Internet if they are 18+ years old and have good driving records. Register for a discounted Zipcar account through Pomona College:
  • Metrolink is an appropriate transportation choice for destinations across Southern California, especially for trips to Los Angeles. Students receive 15% off Monthly Passes, Round Trip Tickets, One Way Tickets, and 7-Day Tickets with a valid student ID. The closest station is located about a block away from campus at 110 West First Street. Use their trip planner to find the most convenient route for you:

In addition to these more common options, Pomona also owns a 7-passenger van called the Sagehen Shuttle and a 25-passenger bus called the Sagecoach. They can be reserved to transport people around the Los Angeles area for a minimal charge. More detailed information about these options and more can be found if you follow this link: