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First-year students are not allowed to bring cars to campus, unless it poses a significant hardship.  If this is the case, the student should contact the Office of Campus Life for prior approval prior to August 1, 2014 at 909-607-2239.  It is not necessary for first-year students to have cars because so much of the social intellectual life occurs on campus.  After the first year, students are better able to assess the importance of a car to their lives and to weigh this against the inconvenience of parking, security, and requests by friends for chauffeuring services.  Students are required to register their vehicles with Campus Safety.  Each student is allowed to have one car and pay a registration fee of $60 per semester with Campus Safety.


There is a new Bike Registration Program on campus. For more information, please contact the Office of Campus Life at 909-607-2239.

Green Bikes

Created and operated by Pomona College students, Green Bikes is a program that promotes bike use on and off campus.  Green Bikes maintains a fleet of bikes that they “rent” to students free-of-charge for a semester at a time.  The Green Bikes shop, located in the basement of Clark III (entrance off of Sixth Street), also repairs personal bikes free of charge (not including cost of parts).  Look out for more information about bike rental and shop hours.

Local Transportation

Pomona owns a 7-passenger van called the Sagehen Shuttle and a 25-passenger bus called the Sagecoach.  They can be reserved to transport people around the Los Angeles area for a minimal charge.  Pomona also provides a variety of ways to get around, including, Zipcar, public transit discounts, and free shuttles.  Zipcar is a service that rents cars to students 18 and over with good driving records.  Plus, the Village is close by and has a lot of what you’ll need!

The Smith Campus Center web site has a detailed page on transportation options. It includes fees/info for the shuttle and sagecoach as well as links to Zipcar, dial-a-ride, local public transportation info, etc. The Smith Campus Center website can be found at under “Services.”

Pomona is about forty-five minutes from skiing and the beach.  Local buses leave from near the campus to Los Angeles, Pasadena, Santa Monica and the outlying vicinity.  Greyhound Bus is also available for express bus transportation, and the Greyhound station is about 2 miles from campus.  A Metrolink Station, one block south of campus, provides direct train service to Union Station in downtown Los Angeles.