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Introduction to Residential Life at Pomona College

Since its founding in 1887, Pomona College has been committed to two ideas:  the value of a liberal arts education and the cultivation of a residential college community.  Today, Pomona is recognized as a leader in liberal arts education.  Equally important, with more than 97 percent of its students living on campus, Pomona stands as one of the nation’s few truly residential college communities.  We endeavor to be a sustainable community, wherein all of its members actively help each other towards common goals and achievements.  Pomona values social awareness, work-life balance and student well-being.  As such, Pomona offers students a rare educational experience, where the joy and richness of the mind are further enriched by the intensity and excitement of living and interacting in a close-knit setting with other talented and interesting individuals.

Sustainable Community is central to residential life at Pomona.  We seek to be an institution where students flourish in a holistic sense-- intellectually, interpersonally and physically.  We foster student leaders who wish to partner with us in the pursuit of both sustainable community and green-living.  This means supporting students as they seek academic and social competency, learn to manage emotions, develop autonomy, establish personal and collective identities, build relationships, grow in purpose and integrity, and take responsibility for their global footprint.

A sustainable community works best when its members take individual responsibility for themselves and their actions.  The College expects all of its students to take up this challenge; in return, the College offers students the unique benefits and responsibilities of participating in governance.  Students participate actively in all facets of campus governance, including faculty-student committees on College policy, curriculum, academic procedures, judiciary matters, and academic honesty.  Governance also extends to the residence halls.  Resident Advisers, Head Sponsors/Sponsors and Residence Hall Programmers address issues that grow out of community living and thereby help students develop qualities of leadership and an understanding of how to find solutions to common problems.

Close connection between academic life and campus life is another characteristic of the Pomona residential experience.  Within the residence halls, you will continue the intellectual discussions begun in the classroom.  In the dining halls, you will share meals and conversations with a variety of professors and staff.  There are also three faculty members who live on campus.  These Faculty-in-Residence not only serve as mentors to whom students can turn for advice and support, they also work closely with students to cultivate the ties between classroom and residence hall, scholar and student, that distinguish the Pomona experience. The faculty in residence for 2014-2015 are Professor of History and Latin American Studies, April Mayes (Harwood Court), Assistant Professor of Spanish Paul Cahill (Clark I), and Rita Bashaw Assistant Professor of German/Director of Oldenborg.

The information that follows in this section will assist you as you prepare to take up residence, participate in the life of the College, and begin your Pomona experience.  The Division of Student Affairs, the Office of Campus Life, and the Residence Hall Staff welcome you to Pomona and hope that your first year as part of our community is a rewarding one.