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Important Information About Residential Life


The arrival date for first-year students is Saturday, August 22. You will be expected to arrive on campus between 8:00 a.m. and noon.

Board Options

Pomona College students living on campus are required to be on a meal plan.  All new students are enrolled in the 16-meal and choice of flex dollars plan; however, there are several board options available, and changes may be made at the Office of Campus Life until 10 days after classes start.

Meal Plans

  • 16 meals per week plus choice of flex dollars per semester
  • 14 meals per week plus choice of flex dollars per semester
  • 12 meals per week plus choice of flex dollars per semester

The dining halls serve 19 meals a week. On Saturday and Sunday there are only two meals:  Brunch and Dinner.  For more information on the meal plan, please go to

You may eat all your meals in the dining halls on any of the five campuses.  Flex dollars can be used to purchase additional dining hall meals or to treat friends or family when they visit the campus.  If you prefer, you may use your flex dollars to eat in any of the informal dining sites on the five Colleges:  the Coop Fountain and the Sagehen Cafe at Pomona, the Mudd Hole at Harvey Mudd, the Motley at Scripps, the Hub at CMC, the Shakedown at Pitzer, or the Grove House at Pitzer.  These restaurants are open different hours than the dining halls, often until late at night, so you will be able to eat whenever you are hungry or whenever you want to socialize with friends on the five campuses.

Claremont Cash

You will have a Claremont Cash account established as soon as your ID card is created.  Claremont Cash can be used to purchase both food and non-food items, such as laundry throughout the Claremont Colleges, as well as local merchants in and around Claremont.  Funds may be deposited into your account by telephone, via the internet or with cash at The Coop Store.  For more information about Claremont Cash, visit their website at

Housing Assignment

All first and second-year students are required to live on campus, and approximately 97 percent of all Pomona students choose to live in the residence halls for all of their Pomona years. 

In late July, we will provide you with the names of your residence hall, your Sponsor and your Resident Advisers (RAs).  If you are placed with a roommate, we will provide you with their name and address.  Because of changes in enrollment throughout the summer, we do not make final room assignments within the halls until just before you arrive on campus.  You will be given your room number when you arrive in August.  We will not be certain of your room assignment before then.

When you arrive, please come to the Office of Campus Life (OCL) in Sumner Hall located on Bonita Avenue one block east of College Avenue.  A large tent will be set up outside of the office.  At OCL you will have your picture taken for your student ID, receive your check-in materials (e.g. room key, ID card, etc.) and complete necessary forms.  The room key can only be issued to the student.  Sponsors, RAs, mentors and members of the Orientation Committee will be available to assist with check-in.

You will also need to check in at the Orientation Adventure (OA) tent across from Sumner Hall at Oldenborg Center. Here you will receive your trip packet and instructions regarding your OA trip. OA Coordinators and Leaders will be on hand to assist you.

Note: There is no particular order for check in, you can start at any one of the stations.

Mailing Address

Your mail should be sent to:

[Your name]
170 E. Sixth Street, Suite 132
Claremont, CA  91711
Mailbox #______ (You will receive your box number in July.)

Shipping Packages

If you plan to ship packages to yourself at the College, please be aware of the following information.

We cannot receive packages prior to August 10th.  We do not have the facilities to receive palletized packages.  Please use firms like UPS or the United States Postal Service instead of trucking firms.

Address the packages to yourself at the mailing address above.  If you have further questions, please contact the student mailroom at (909) 607-8486 or visit