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Sponsor and Peer Mentoring Programs

Pomona College Sponsor Program

One of your most significant experiences at Pomona will be living in residence as part of a sponsor group.  The Sponsor Program is a residential program through which all first-year students are housed with approximately 15 other first-years led by two students called sponsors.  More recently, sponsors have been sophomores. The 72 sponsors live in the halls with their sponsees throughout the year.  The main objective of the program is to assist in the transition to college by creating a safe, welcoming and sustainable living environment for all first-years as well as increasing interactions with older students.

The Sponsor Program is supervised by the Associate Dean of Campus Life and Director of Residential Life.  There are five head sponsors who are given a great deal of latitude implementing the program.  They help select the sponsors, they play a key role placing the incoming class in their sponsor groups, and they assist in training sponsors. The sponsor groups are created based on similar interests and lifestyles indicated by first-year housing forms.  All new students to Pomona College, whether first-years or transfer students, are placed in a Sponsor Group.

Participation in the following peer mentoring programs is entirely voluntary, and complements the residential Sponsor Program.  In some of these peer mentoring programs, students will be automatically provided mentors based on the information given in your admissions application, and in other programs, incoming students need to request a mentor.  We encourage incoming students to meet with their mentors, and learn more about the program before making a decision about opting out.  These programs provide valuable support and resources for students.

Black Student Mentoring Program (BSMP)

The Office of Black Student Affairs BSMP Program is a research based, peer mentorship program designed for first-year students of African descent. Ambassadors are trained mentors who assist with providing one on one and group mentoring focused on academic, emotional and social support to insure the stabilization of incoming students.  The OBSA Ambassador program also offers new students opportunities to develop relationships with staff and faculty committed to their success.  The program constructs a reciprocal opportunity for both the ambassador and mentee to reach their academic and leadership potential through this interpersonal and cultural bonding process.

For more information about the Office of Black Student Affairs and the Mentor Program contact, call (909) 607-3669, or visit their website.

Asian American Mentor Program (AAMP)

The Asian American Mentor Program (AAMP) is a student-run organization that fosters community among individuals who self-identify as Asian, Pacific Islander, Asian American, multiethnic, and/or multiracial (API/A). First-year and transfer students who self-identify as API/A on their college applications are placed in small mentor groups led by student mentors. AAMP mentors support these individuals and their allies through meaningful relationships, providing a safe space for discussion and education, and encouraging activism concerning issues that relate to the API/A community. Mentors work with mentees to explore and express identities within historical, social, and personal contexts. AAMP also strives for inclusivity by building coalitions and promoting discourse with other organizations and communities within and beyond Pomona College.

AAMP is anchored at the Asian American Resource Center (AARC). For more information about the Asian American Mentor Program & the Asian American Resource Center, please visit their website or call (909) 621-8639.

Chicano/Latino Student Affairs Sponsor Program (CLSA)/ Chicana/o Latina/o Liaisons

The CLSA Sponsor Program is a five-college support network for first-year students, designed help assist new students with the transition to college life. CLSA Sponsor groups work together on social and cultural events such as movie nights, dinners, study breaks and host sessions regarding current issues that impact Latino students.  Each new Latino/a student is assigned a sponsor from the home campus who is familiar with the social and academic climate of the college, and knows how to access supporting resources.  The CLSA Sponsor Program offers first-year students the opportunity to meet, network and build community with Latino/a students on the home campus and across the Consortium.

The CLSA Sponsor is a returning student leader who is culturally sensitive and serves as a mentor who strives to build friendship and support for new Chicano/Latino students. The Sponsors also conduct and lead the sessions at the CLSA New Student Retreat. The CLSA New Student Retreat is a three-day off campus program that offers first-year students the opportunity to build community, develop friendships and support networks with Latino students across the Claremont Colleges.  The Retreat serves as a major cornerstone of the first-year experience for Chicano/Latino students. The Retreat promotes leadership development, team building, networking, and cultural awareness as a means to create a foundation of support for new students.  The Retreat offers an opportunity to establish friendships that will provide support throughout the college experience.  For more information about Chicano/Latino Student Affairs and the program offerings, visit their website at or call (909) 621-8044. CLSA is located on the second floor of the Tranquada Student Services Center.

Queer, Questioning & Allied Mentor Program (QQAMP)

The Queer, Questioning, and Allied Mentor Program (QQAMP) is a seven-college program open to all students.  The confidential program is designed to provide students with support, one-on-one interactions, social activities, information, tools to navigate the college environment as a queer, allied or questioning student, and opportunities to get involved with the LGBTQ allied communities at the Claremont Colleges.

The QQAMP mentors are students from all seven schools who may identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, or allied. They are trained and can provide support and informed guidance on any queer-related issue, including but not limited to:

•    Self acceptance as lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, transgender, questioning, or intersex students
•    Coming out to friends and/or family
•    Finding resources at the college, local and national levels
•    Learning what it means to be a good ally to the queer community
•    Working through confusion about sexual orientation and/or gender identity
•    Meeting other queer, questioning and allied students on the campuses and in the community
•    Understanding how sexual orientation and/or gender identity intersect with other aspects of identity, including race, sex, religion, physical ability, culture, class, etc.

If you would like to request a mentor for the upcoming academic year, please fill out our online request form on the QRC website under the QQAMP tab.

International Student Mentor Program (ISMP)

The International Student Mentor Program (ISMP) is a Pomona College organization that helps incoming international students adjust to life in the United States. The ISMP aims to foster a supportive community of international students at Pomona through organizing activities, discussions, and events geared towards fulfilling international students’ unique needs. Incoming international students are given mentors who they can rely upon to answer their questions, introduce them to life at Pomona, and provide academic, emotional, and social support.  ISMP mentors are returning international students who are familiar with international issues, and are enthusiastic about befriending and helping to support incoming international students.

The ISMP is open to students of all nationalities outside of the U.S., as well as to American citizens that have lived a substantial part of their lives overseas.  If you are interested in taking part in the ISMP or have any questions, please send an email to We look forward to hearing from you!

Quest Mentor Program

The Quest Mentor program is a new mentoring program at Pomona open to all incoming first generation or low income students.

What will you get out of the mentoring process?

  • 2 to 3 upperclassmen mentors who are also first-generation and/or low income students at Pomona, who will provide you guidance and support to get you adjusted to the college atmosphere
  • 3 to 4 freshman who'll, along with your mentors, serve as an immediate family for your first year at Pomona and the years ahead
  • Opportunities to meet other low income and first generation students at Pomona
  • Monthly excursions that you'll plan with your mentors and other mentees to ensure a fun, successful year
  • Workshops to guide you through financial aid, choosing classes, and making the most of your time at Pomona and California
  • Mentor-mentee dinners and outings 

What constitutes as being a low-income student?

  • Traditionally, a household income of US $65,000 or less. We do understand however that people may have different circumstances, such as debt or substantial bills. If your family income is above $65,000, just contact us about your circumstances and we'll be happy to tell you if you qualify.

What constitutes as being a first-generation student?

  • If neither of your parents attended a four-year college, you are considered a first-generation student. 

This years Quest Faculty Mentors include:

  • Professor Tony Boston, Physical Education, Coach
  • Professor Paul Cahill, Spanish, Faculty Residence, Clark 1
  • Professor Phil Choi, Physics and Astronomy
  • Professor April Mayes, History and Latin American Studies, Dean of Women, Faculty Resident, Harwood Hall
  • Professor Lynne Miyake, Asian Languages and Literature
  • Professor Cynthia Selassie, Chemistry

For more information about this program including how to sign up, please send an email to