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Lake Adventure

Lake Adventure

Hiking, kayaking and swimming at the Lake Adventure

June Lake

POMONA at June Lake

The following description is meant as a guide to help you decide which trip most suits your desires and abilities. These descriptions are not intended as comprehensive itineraries and are subject to change.

This trip is at the beautiful June Lake on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Your days will be a mix of recreation and relaxation. Some of the activities might include kayaking on a nearby lake, day hikes in the Ansel Adams Wilderness Area and Tuolumne Meadows, swimming in the lake and much more.  With a diverse range of activities and scenery, both lake locations provide a perfect backdrop for you to get to know your fellow classmates. At the end of each day, you’ll return to camp cook dinner and to enjoy good food, conversation and games back at the campground. The memories gained on this trip will truly last a lifetime.

The June Lake location trip includes an evening presentation on the environmental status of the eastern sierra mountain range. You will have many different options to give back to this beautiful area with a half-day service project in the area.