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Sea Kayaking Adventure

Sea Kayaking

Over the course of a four-day trip, you will have the opportunity to travel the Channel Islands both on foot and by sea kayak.

Hike in the sunset

Hiking in the sunset

The following description is meant as a guide to help you decide which trip most suits your desires and abilities. These descriptions are not intended as comprehensive itineraries and are subject to change.

The Channel Islands, formerly the coastline of California, now form a chain of accessible marine wilderness that feels far away from Los Angeles. Channel Islands National Park preserves five of the eight islands as undeveloped wilderness, offering a wide variety of natural and cultural resources for your exploration. Over the course of a four-day trip, you will have the opportunity to travel these majestic islands both on foot and by sea kayak.

After a short ferry ride, you’ll set up camp on Santa Cruz island and begin to explore the coastline. Professional kayak guides will take you out daily, leading you along the coasts to sea caves and kelp beds and providing naturalist information about the marine environment. You will have the option to hike to Smuggler's Cove or the highest peak on the eastern side of the island, Montanon. When you’re not in the water or on the trail, you’ll have time to relax on the beach and play in the surf. This trip is an excellent choice for students who enjoy a more extensive wilderness beach experience than Island or Beach adventure offers. Seasick-prone individuals may want to avoid this trip. You must have basic swimming ability to participate.