Frontiers Abroad “Earth Systems” Program at University of Auckland


Spring Semester Only


Introductory geology and biology or ecology. 9.0 GPA.


The New Zealand study abroad program is hosted by supervised by a team of kiwi scientists, including CMC alum Dr. Darren Gravley, based at the University of Auckland's School of Geography, Geology, and Environmental Science. Other participants include technicians from the Mighty River Power Company, a geothermal venture, and various Maori community leaders in the Bay of Plenty area (North Island).

Like the Globalization and the Environment program at Cape Town, the New Zealand program consists of a preliminary “core course,” but largely based in the field. The five-week long field component spends one week in the Cook Islands and the remaining time in the North Island's Central Volcanic Plateau and Bay of Plenty. The field component includes modules with visits to coastal habitats, geothermal power plants, hydro-power schemes, paper mills, and conservation and environmental agencies. Following core course work, which will include some element of independent research, students will attend a semester of courses at “Auckland Uni,” living in dorms with New Zealand students.

We would especially encourage students to take classes not ordinarily offered in Claremont having special pertinence to EA. These include such titles as “Terrestrial Population and Community Ecology,” “Resources and Environmental Management,” “Coastal and Marine Geography,” and “Dynamics of Marine Systems.”

Note: Depending on your college, this program may not be pre-approved, and may require special petition. Do not let this discourage you. For more information, contact your school's study abroad office: