Departmental Poster Session

At the end of the semester, a departmental poster session provides an opportunity for all the Psychology 51 students to present the results of their final projects. There will be easels with clamps to display your poster. You will take turns with other members of your group in standing by your poster to answer questions about your research and in walking around to see the other posters (and eating pizza!).

In class, groups also give oral presentations of their final projects and answer questions about their research. The finished poster should be used as a visual aid in giving the presentation

What makes a good poster?

  1. One picture is worth 1000 words: use graphics to get your message across. Charts of your results are especially helpful, but only if they are clear and neat. Be sure to label figures and tables so that someone not familiar with your study can understand them. If you used pictorial stimuli, show viewers a sample. Consider including questionnaires.
  2. Use high-quality materials. Your poster should be on some quality material (not flimsy “poster board”). Display boards can be one solid section or tri-fold–minimum size: 30” x 40”, maximum size: 36” x 48”
  3. Make the font big and clear so people can read your poster. Use at least 24 pt. font for the text, larger for headings.  It helps to print “landscape” orientation (sideways) so the lines can be longer with such large type. Arial and Geneva fonts work well.
  4. Avoid extremes of decoration. The color should call attention to the content, not obscure it. Be professional and neat in your presentation. Spell check!
  5. Remember to put your title, authors' names, and affiliation (Pomona College) at the top.

Your poster is like a condensed APA report. It should include the same sections, but in abbreviated form. Some material can be presented in bulleted lists instead of full sentences.

Note: You will not write a full APA report to hand in. The grade for the final project will be based on the quality of your experiment, the poster itself, and your presentation of your work at the poster session and in class. Failure to show up for the poster session or for your scheduled presentation in class will result in a very substantial penalty (except in case of a documented emergency).