Just a sampling of current classes related to PPA!

For a listing of all classes, please see the Registrar page or check out individual concentrations within PPA. 

Urban Politics & Public Policy: The political problems of cities and demographic movements in the United States.

The Global Politics of Food and Agriculture:  Addresses interplay among states and growers, how environmental problems affect farms around the world and various ways that producers and governments attempt to address such problems; current issues in agricultural science and economics and debates about genetic engineering; international patent law and intellectual property.

Politics of Environmental Justice: Examines political action aimed at environmental justice and sustainability, with emphasis on power dynamics around race, ethnicity, class, gender, geography and technological change. Includes analysis of movements in the Los Angeles area, such as those catalyzed by the Bus Riders Union, Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice and others; and collaborative projects with them 

Techno Politics and Policy: Science and technology shape and are shaped by society, and are therefore forms as well as objects of power and authority. Topics include the origins and evolution of science policy in the U.S.; technology and globalization; the politics of BANG (bits, atoms, neurons, genes); and citizen participation in technology policies and practices

Processes of Environmental Policymaking: This course focuses on how environmental, conservation, and natural-resource policies are developed and chosen in the policy processes of the United States and other countries. This focus permits examination of the methodologies of evaluating environmental policy options, the processes of policymaking, and the institutions involved in conservation, environmental improvement, and other policies that affect the environment. The analytic approaches include the policy sciences framework for understanding the process itself, the methodologies of ecosystem valuation, and the issues involved with different types of policy instruments for environmental and conservation management. 

Energy Economics, & Policy: The economics of the major sectors of the energy industry: oil, coal, natural gas, electricity, nuclear power, etc. Emphasis on industry structure, production technologies, regulation and public policy issues.