Are you interested in Global Health?

There are many ways to pursue your interest in Global Health within the Public Policy major!

Here are a few of the most common methods:

  1. PPA-Biology or PPA-Chemistry
    • If you are interested in going to medical school, a biology or chemistry concentration may be the best option for you. By completing the coursework for these concentrations, you will have completed most of the pre-requisites for medical school.
    • The courses required for biology and chemistry concentrations will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the science and medicine behind global health issues, while your public policy core classes will offer a great social science perspective.
    • Want to learn more? Contact Annie Niehaus (, a junior PPA-Chemistry major.
  2. PPA-Anthropology or PPA-Sociology
    • For students looking at public health from a social science perspective, consider the Anthropology and Sociology concentrations. These two concentrations are incredibly interdisciplinary and flexible.
  3. PPA-Economics or PPA-Science, Technology, and Society
    • If you want to approach public health with a particularly quantitative and analytical perspective, then consider PPA-Economics.
    • Science, Technology, and Society (STS) is also a quantitative concentration, but is less focused on economics and more rooted in the mathematics, history, and philosophy departments.
    • Want to learn more? Contact Courtney Powers (, a senior PPA-STS major.

If you don't feel like any of these pre-designed concentrations are for you, it is possible to create your own. To learn more about this option, please schedule a meeting with Hilary LaConte, Associate Director of the Public Policy Program (

Popular Classes Related to Global Health:

  • PO, ANTH107 – Medical Anthropology
  • PO, ECON 129 PO – Health Economics
  • PO, PHIL 038 – Bioethics
  • PO, PHIL 039 – Science and Values
  • PO, PSYCH 176 – The Psychology of Health and Medicine
  • CMC, GOVT 105 – Organization Health Care/Public Policy
  • HM, STS 187 – HIV/AIDS: Science, Society, and Service

Looking for More Information about Global Health?

To learn more about one past PPA student who pursued her interests in global health, check out Claire Perkins' bio. Claire Perkins was a PPA-Anthropology major and now attends Harvard's School of Public Health.