PPA Toxic Tour

About the Toxic Tour: On January 28th, members of Professor Worthington's Politics of Environmental Justice class went on a "Toxic Tour" in Southern California.   The tour was held by the Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice (CCAEJ) – an environmental justice organization that looks at social justice issues through the lens of environmental health.   They work directly in the community and try to raise awareness for the low-income and minority residents of Glen Avon who are continually subjected to dangerous pollution. 

What CCAEJ is doing now:  Now that the Stringfellow Acid Pits have been nationally recognized as a Superfund site, CCAEJ has its sights on another danger to the people living in Glen Avon and Mira Loma – the particulate air pollution arising from the Goods Movement.

  • The 'Goods Movement' refers to the mass transportation of imported goods across our country
  • The Long Beach-LA Port is one of the largest and busiest ports in the world; receives about 42% of our nation's imports
  • Imports are packed onto trains and buses and brought to areas such as Mira Loma and Glen Avon.  Items are then sorted in mega-factories. 
  • The huge influx of traffic (using dirty diesel fuel) creates dangerous levels of pollution
  • Mira Loma has the highest level of particulate air pollution in the nation
  • According to a USC Children's Health Study, children in Mira Loma have the most underdeveloped lungs of all children in the greater Los Angeles area
  • A High Risk Assessment ranked the San Bernardino railway as one of the highest risk cancer sites in the nation