Like many of their predecessors, members of the class of 2010 received recognition. Claire Perkins (Anthropology) received the Russell M. Story Prize for Public Policy Analysis and graduated Magna Cum Laude. Charlie Balter (Politics) received The Mary Ford Bacon Prize in Politics. Kelly Ann Schwartz (Psychology) received The Ada May Fitts Award and a Senior Service Award. Elena Brandford (Chemistry) received The Kappa Delta Award. Elena Brandford (Chemistry), Claire Perkins (Anthropology) and Hammad Sheikh (Economics) were all recognized as Senior Members of Phi Beta Kappa.

Below is a profile of each senior and his or her academic internship and research thesis. Of note, the PPA seniors contributed 2,281.54 hours of service for academic credit.

Claire Perkins, Anthropology/PPA, 2010
The Need for Needles: A Policy Proposal to Establish a Syringe Exchange Site in SPA 3 of LA County

Sardius Chen, Biology/PPA, 2010
Driving and Buying Innovation: Research Prioritization at a Liberal Arts College in the New Context of University-State-Industry Partnerships.

Elena Brandford, Chemistry/PPA, 2010
An Evaluation of Decentralized Waterwaste Treatment Infrastructure in California

Charles Balter, Economics/PPA, 2010
Toward a Pathway for Deliberation: Reassessing the Call for Institutionalization

Stephanie Pham, Economics/PPA, 2010
Comparative Analysis of Watermaster Allocation Methods

Hammad Sheik, Economics/PPA, 2010
Natural Disasters: A Comprehensive Framework for Mitigation

James Mikolowsky, Politics/PPA, 2010
Inclusive Innovation: E-Government and the Digital Divide

Kelly Schwartz, Psychology/PPA, 2010
Minor's Counsel Training and Understanding of Child Custody Evaluations

Katherine Duberg, Science, Technology, and Society/PPA, 2010
Beginnings of a Youth –Led Environmental Justice Movement.