Like many of their predecessors, members of the class of 2012 received recognition.  John Bonacorsi received The Russell Story Prize in Public Policy Analysis. Rose Imani Green received a Senior Service Award.  Felix Zhang received The Languages & Literatures Prize (German) and was awarded a Fulbright Grant to teach English in Germany next fall.

Below is a profile of each senior and his or her academic internship and senior thesis.  Of note, PPA seniors contributed approximately 1,779.96 hours of service for academic credit.

John Bonacorsi, Sociology/PPA and Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies interned with the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) in the Office of the Western Regional Counsel in the organization's Los Angeles National Headquarters Regional Office. John worked for four attorneys while with MALDEF. He interviewed clients, drafted memoranda, summarized case law, and drafted public records act requests. He assisted staff attorneys by conducting research and putting together a power point presentation on California jurisdictions that passed ordinances requiring employers to use E-Verify. John's thesis was "(Re)constructing Deportation Policy and (Re)imagining Law: Advocacy Groups' Responses to the Implementation of Secure Communities in Southern California." John received the Russell M. Story Prize in Public Policy Analysis this year. While at Pomona John was employed at the Draper Center for Community Partnerships and contributed to a study of “food deserts” in the Inland Valley that helped the Claremont nonprofit organization Uncommon Good acquire funding from the United States Department of Agriculture to develop urban agriculture locally.

Elaine Choi, Chemistry/PPA, interned with Zocalo Public Square and the Center for Social Cohesion in Los Angeles which is essentially a think tank that consists of a speaker series and a weblog that covers important issues related to public policy.  Elaine was involved with editorial content, writing, and marketing. She also completed the Claremont McKenna Robert Day Scholars program this year.  Elaine's thesis is “Contemporary Alternative Medicine: A Wholistic View.” After graduation, Elaine will work for Epic, a company that provides software to make the switch from paper to electronic records. She will work as a project manager and implementation consultant to hospitals. 

Cailly Howell, Chemistry/PPA, interned with Dr. Daniel Gluckstein, Infectious Disease Specialist, at Pomona Valley Medical Hospital.  Cailly worked in the hospital and clinic setting on several projects. One of them, with Dr. Gluckstein, focused on ways to increase immunization rates for pertussis and influenza. Cailly' thesis is, "Are School and Childcare Vaccination Mandates Sufficient to Address Rising Incidence of Pertussis in California? A Policy Analysis of California's Pertussis Mandates." While at Pomona College, Cailly worked with Professor Chuck Taylor and Tanner Research on detecting biomarkers associated with tuberculosis, Partnership for Advanced Learning in Science, and Challah for Hunger. Cailly will attend medical school next fall at Ross University School of Medicine in Dominica.  She also intends to complete an MPH when done with her residency. 

Rose Imani Green, special major Economic Development through Non-Profit Organizations, interned with Hope through Housing Philanthropy Team based in Rancho Cucamonga.  Rose worked as a Philanthropy Research Intern and reported to the Director of Philanthropy. Her work included grant writing and research, data entry, and projects. Rose conducted research on non-profits management and her thesis is titled, “Nonprofit Management: A Guide to and Individualized, Holistic Approach to Efficiency and Effectiveness in Small 501(c)(3) Organizations”. Rose received a Senior Service Award.

Nathaly Moreno, Anthropology/PPA, interned with the Inland Empire Latino Lawyers Association in Riverside. Natalie had two primary roles during her internship. She worked filling out legal paperwork and performing client intakes in the legal clinic. Nathaly also worked as a translator for those lawyers who did not speak Spanish. She also created posters as conversation pieces to be used for events such as the Riverside anti-human-trafficking task force. Her senior thesis is "Servants to the Community:  Volunteer Lawyers in the Inland Empire." Nathaly is going to work locally, continue her volunteer work with IELLA, and study for the LSAT.

Adeline Salomon, Politics/PPA, interned with Bright Prospect of Pomona. Addie focused her energies on finding scholarships and internships for the Bright Prospect high school and college students. Her thesis is “A Future for Haiti's Orphaned Children: An Educational Model for Port-au-Prince Orphanages.”  Addie will work with inner city, high school aged children on a sustainable farm as a teaching assistant.

Alexandra Satariano, (Scripps) Politics/PPA, interned with Public Counsel in Los Angeles. She worked with Paul Freese, Director of Litigation and Advocacy and her work focused primarily on Veteran's Rights.  Alex's internship directly impacted her thesis, "To Care for Him Who Shall Have Borne the Battle: An Examination of the Veteran Treatment Court Model and the Barriers to Its Diffusion in the State of California."  Alex will work for a private foundation next year to develop existing property into non-profit centers to serve veterans and others.

Felix Zhang, Politics/PPA and Germaninterned with educational consultant Dr. Jack Mills in Claremont. Felix did research for an external evaluation of federally- funded higher education programs, particularly those focused on STEM education. His thesis, “Understanding and Promoting the Best Practices to Increase Minority Student Success in STEM Majors” is a direct outcome of his internship. Felix is a Fulbright Scholar and will teach English at a high school in Germany this September.