Mariah Valerie Barber, Sociology/PPA, interned with Public Counsel.

Anita Kaimei Chiang, Biology/PPA, interned with Claremont Unified School District, Danbury Elementary School.

Amanda Suzanne Coba, Sociology/PPA, interned with Neighborhood Legal Services.

Jasmine Joi Ferguson, Sociology/PPA, interned with Bright Prospect.

Deborah Akua Frempong, Politics/PPA, interned with Bright Prospect.

Emily Rose Rothschild Glass, Politics/PPA, interned with MALDEF.  

Marie Elise Helmy, Politics/PPA, interned with Public Counsel.

David Carl Janovsky, Politics/PPA, interned with Stratecon, Inc.

Jared Simon Kalow, Anthropology/PPA, interned with Community Partners. 

Rachel Sakamaki Keyser, Politics/PPA, interned with Jack Mills, Educational Consultant. 

Liga Krievans (Scripps), Environmental Analysis/PPA, interned with Stratecon, Inc.

Alana Kathryn Olson Murphy, Politics/PPA, interned in Washington, D.C. 

Sara Owen (Scripps), Politics/PPA, interned in Washington, D.C.

Patrick Antoni Pelegri-O'Day, Economics/PPA

Bryan Xuan Phan, Politics/PPA, interned with Uncommon Good. 

Sydney Colleen Rupe, Politics/PPA, interned with Children's Defense Fund, Juvenillle Policy. 

Marieh Scales, Politics/PPA, interned with Starting Over, Inc.

Cole Robert Story, Biology/PPA, interned with AIDS Project Los Angeles, Community Based Research.

Megan Miyoko Tokunaga, Environmental Analysis/PPA, interned with the West Riverside Council of Governments.

Jacqueline B. Tran, Chemistry/PPA, will intern with Foothill AIDS Project, Housing for Persons Living with AIDS.

Katherine Anne Valentine, Sociology/PPA, interned with Children's Defense Fund, Educational Policy.