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BELONGING – A Film with Poetry & Music

"Belonging" is a tale about women of the Indian diaspora whose interconnectedness surpasses their separation from their own identity. Spanning various countries and continents, we follow different characters from Bangalore, London, Singapore and California witness their experience navigating a world where they question their very own belonging. Told from the cinematic and virtual lens, we hear their narratives through poetic words, songs, music and visual allegory capturing the true essence of grace, individuality and power.


Watch it here:

Production Team:

Siddhant Jain (India) Cameraperson

Youssef El Mosalami (U.S.) Production Coordinator

Patrick Nan (U.S.) Editor

Zora Imani Smith (Singapore, U.S.) Film Score Coordinator

Developed and Directed by Giovanni Ortega (USA)

Languages: English, Gujarati, Hindi, Prakrit, Singlish

Duration: 40 minutes