Pomona College is committed to making the campus accessible.  Students who are concerned about accessibility should make these concerns known as soon as possible. Students seeking accommodations for mobility impairments should present documentation from a qualified medical professional, and this professional should include information about the diagnosis and how it was reached.  The dean will work with the student to determine appropriate housing and classroom assignments and other accommodations.  Classes often can be moved to the first floor of a building to accommodate a student, and elevators are available in many buildings, as well.  Students who find it difficult to get to classes (e.g., classes are spread far apart, steps and hills make getting to class difficult, etc.) should contact the injured students program at extension 18610.  Efforts will be made to get students to class.  Sufficient notice should be given to the injured students transport coordinator so that a schedule can be created.

For individuals with visual impairments or low vision, appropriate documentation includes the results of a visual examination from a qualified medical professional such as an ophthalmologist.  The dean's office can provide note-takers, audio recordings of lectures and other material, or special software.  Students may choose options such as sitting near the front of the class, receiving large print handouts, getting class assignments in electronic format, or using computer equipment to enlarge screen characters and images.  The College will work with the individual student to create appropriate accommodations.

For students who are hearing impaired, provisions can be made for students to work with tutors or note-takers.  Documentation from a qualified medical professional such as a Certified Otologist or Audiologist is required.  This report should also include recommendations about accommodations.  Lecture notes can be photocopied for the student, and other written summaries of lectures or classroom demonstrations can be provided.  The College will work, in collaboration with the student, to determine appropriate accommodations.