Disability Illness an Difference Alliance

The Disability Illness and Difference Alliance (DIDA) runs a 5C mentoring program, pairing disabled first years with older disabled students. The mentors have a variety of disabilities (learning disabilities, physical disabilities, chronic illnesses, mental health disabilities, etc.) and any first year with a disability is encouraged to sign up!

The DIDA Mentoring Program aims to develop strong, supportive relationships between students with disabilities. It is intended to help disabled first years adjust to dealing with their disabilities in a college setting and provide the kind of support any first year could benefit from: a relationship with someone you can trust, depend on, talk to about anything, and have fun with.

For more information contact : nicolejamesross@gmail.com

Grievance Process:

If a student is refused an accommodation that he/she believes is necessary, the student may take his or her concerns to the Associate Dean of Students.  If an agreement cannot be reached, the Dean of Students can review the original request. Additionally, students may take allegations of discrimination to one of the College's grievance officers.

Disability Grievance Procedure: