The purpose of the Public Events Fund is to enhance intellectual community at Pomona College, facilitating campus-wide, cross-disciplinary academic and social exchange among Pomona students, faculty, and staff. There is already a vast and varied array of intellectually stimulating lectures, exhibitions, and performances on campus each year. However, the sheer quantity of these events and their attachment to individual departments and programs inhibit their capacity to generate a broad and diverse audience. The result is a dearth of campus-wide interdisciplinary discussion of any particular public event. Therefore, this fund will be used to sponsor or co-sponsor events that promise to increase our store of shared intellectual experience and provoke more multidisciplinary discussion throughout the College.


The fund is administered by the Dean of the College's office, which will allocate money on the basis of events' wide appeal and potential for sparking broad discussion on important questions. Applications should be made on the Proposal for Public Events Funding form. Because securing certain speakers and performers requires scheduling in advance, the application deadline for a Fall 2016 event is 5:00 p.m. on Monday, March 28, 2016. For further information, please contact Stacie Takase in the Dean of the College's office at ext. 18137 or stacie.takase@pomona.edu


To streamline the process of obtaining funds and enhance the coordination of events, the former Supplemental Lecture Fund has been folded into the Public Events Fund. Additional funding may be available through the Dean of Students office; contact Carmen Brown at ext. 73615.

To have paper advertisements (e.g., table tents, flyers, banners) made for your event, you can contact the ASPC office, which has a Graphic Artist Request Form to be completed for these purposes.