Remote Alternative Independent Summer Experience Program (RAISE) FAQs

If I am on a leave of absence or enrolled part-time this semester, can I still apply for RAISE?

Only Pomona students who are currently enrolled full-time are eligible to apply for RAISE. The College is committed to focusing its resources on those students who are engaged with our academic program in an ongoing capacity.

When does the RAISE application open?

The RAISE application will be live January 13, 2021.

What is the RAISE deadline?

11:59 p.m. PST, February 12th, 2021.

When will I know if I get awarded?

We anticipate making award announcements in early April.

How much is a RAISE award?

RAISE stipends will be $2,500 or more. The final stipend amount will be determined by our donor-funded budget and number of applicants.

Is the RAISE program open to incoming transfer students?

No, transfer students are not eligible to apply. RAISE was designed to help support our current students; rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Am I allowed to hold another job during my RAISE?

We know that some students must maintain part-time employment in addition to their RAISE project. We ask that you are not engaged in 2 full-time commitments simultaneously, whether that be general employment or academic pursuits.

Is the RAISE project schedule fixed, or can students choose their 6 week period?

Students can choose any 6 week period during the summer to work on their project.

Can I submit multiple applications to RAISE?

Applications are limited to one per student.

How do I apply for a RAISE?

Applicants must complete on an online application through the Survey Monkey Apply website. A link to the application is posted on the RAISE website and in the College Portal, student tab, under the “My Resources” section.

If I am working with a faculty member at another institution, can they provide the endorsement for my project?

The endorsement must come from a Pomona faculty member. The review team uses the endorsement to confirm that the project has value in your chosen discipline and warrants funding. We feel that such an endorsement is most appropriate to come from our own faculty.

Can I propose a project working with another Pomona student? Or a group project?

RAISE was designed to support independent student work. While projects can include collaboration with other students, they should function independently of the others’ work. Each student needs to submit a unique proposal and comply with COVID-19 safety measures. All proposals, including those proposing collaboration, will be considered individually. We will not be funding students as a group.

I am already working with a POM faculty member doing research. Can I propose to continue this work?

RAISE awardees cannot be required or expected to contribute to faculty research. Likewise, awardees should not expect the same level of faculty mentorship one would get from a typical research assistantship. RAISE was designed to support independent student work. Departments are allowed to hire hourly students, outside of the RAISE program, to meet their needs.

If I accept a RAISE award, can I also be employed somewhere else?

Recipients may not participate in both RAISE and any other Pomona College employment or stipend programs during Summer 2021 (e.g. PCIP, Mellon-Mays, Humanities Studio, Beckman, departmental funding). RAISE is considered a full-time commitment, so during the six-week period of the award, recipients may not also engage in other employment or in a summer stipend or internship program at another college or university. Please check with Amanda Jorgensen if you are uncertain whether or how these stipulations apply to your funding situation.

How do I choose a faculty to endorse my project?

Reach out to the Pomona faculty member whose research or discipline is most closely aligned with the project or topic area that you are interested in. They do not need to be an expert on your particular project, but should be able to understand the material well and determine the value of the proposed work within your field.

Can I apply to more than one Pomona-funded opportunity?

Students may apply to multiple opportunities, but may only accept funding from one.

Can I submit additional materials that provide more detail about my proposed project?

The RAISE review team is expecting a large number of applications and will not have the bandwidth to review additional materials. We have kept the application brief in an effort to expedite the review process.

Can a visiting professor provide my endorsement?


Who reviews the RAISE applications?

The RAISE review team is comprised of the Faculty Research Committee and a selection of Pomona faculty and staff.

I prepared an application for another opportunity, can I use the same proposal?

Proposals prepared for other opportunities can be modified for use in the RAISE application. Proposals must stay within the word limits, answer the application questions, and comply with applicable COVID-19 safety measures.

Can I get class credit from a RAISE?

No, you cannot get class credit from RAISE.

What happens if I am awarded a RAISE?

Students will be notified early April if they have been awarded. Once notified, the student must accept or decline the award within one week. Students that applied for multiple opportunities may only accept one award.

Who should I contact for additional RAISE questions?

Amanda Jorgensen, Grants Administrator,