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Recruiting Minority Candidates

Consortium for Faculty Diversity at Liberal Arts Colleges (CFD)

Hosted by Gettysburg College, this consortium serves as a clearing house for minority scholars from all disciplines seeking pre-/post-doc opportunities at the liberal arts colleges that support CFD.  The website not only identifies applicants for next year's pre-/post-docs, but also lists this year's CFD Fellows (pre-/post-docs), who are eligible for either regular employment or another pre-/post-doc.  Unfortunately the employment files for current and past post-docs are not available.

  • Go to the Consortium website
  • Click on current year's scholars for the names, fields, and institutions of last year's post-docs. The site also lists the post-docs for the previous four years. Unfortunately the employment files for current and past post-docs are not available.
  • Select "Pomona College"
  • Contact the Associate Dean in the Dean's Office for the institutional login and password that allows for access to the names and CVs of this year's applicants for next year's post-doc positions.

Ford Foundation Fellows

The Ford Foundation offers predoctoral, dissertation, and postdoctoral fellowships to minority scholars. A directory of fellows dating back to the 1980s may be found at

Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS)

Although SACNAS does not have a candidate database, it is a reasonably inexpensive venue for advertising faculty positions in the sciences. The Website address is

Inside Higher Ed

A free website with daily news aimed at people involved in higher education, Inside Higher Ed also posts job listings. It boasts a wide and diverse readership as well as very reasonable advertising rates. Go to the website at: and follow the links to post your ad.