Applications Due: 11:59 p.m. PST, April 29, 2020

Award Announcements: Anticipated by May 15, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions


In response to the Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing requirements, Pomona has launched the Remote Alternative Independent Summer Experience Program 2020 (RAISE). RAISE provides a multi-week fellowship opportunity for students that could take whatever form works best virtually, and which either facilitates students' independent projects or connects students with faculty research programs.

All of us at Pomona College are redesigning our lives - from our daily habits of work to our learning and research goals - to meet the evolving demands of the pandemic. We want to encourage students to continue their education this summer even under admittedly uncertain and shifting constraints, including orders to stay-at-home. We have developed RAISE to facilitate a broad range of activities that might continue to stimulate students' thinking and growth this summer, including: reading, writing, research, and creative expression.

We encourage all interested returning students to identify a line of inquiry or a creative project that they are eager to pursue in this time of social distancing. These projects may be independent or under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Faculty may not expect or require that RAISE students support faculty goals. (These caveats are to ensure that students are not considered employees of the College doing work to benefit the College itself.) Projects should be manageable in scope so that they can be completed within 5 weeks. Students may plan for a longer project, but the RAISE awards are fixed at $2,500; projects longer than 5 weeks will not be scored more or less favorably than 5-week projects.

Project Requirements

  • Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible to apply to the RAISE Program
  • Students should identify a Pomona faculty member whose expertise aligns with the proposed project. There is no single standard for the faculty member's role. The student and faculty member should determine this relationship in consultation with one another. During the application process, the identified faculty member will be asked to endorse the student's project.
  • Each student will design a final product that best encapsulates what they learned, achieved, or created this summer and that can be shared with the Pomona College community. Some examples of final products include papers, posters, designs, models, programs, multimedia presentations, images of objects, recordings of performances, video essays, blogs, etc.   
  • All RAISE activities, including the final product, must be  compatible with applicable COVID-19 safety measures, including social distancing.
  • Research involving human subjects must be approved by the Pomona College Institutional Review Board.
  • Funding will be set at $2,500 per student. Acceptance of the award means that students agree to all conditions associated with the award outlined here. Recipients of this award may not accept other forms of College-funded summer employment, awards, or stipend programs. 
  • All applications will be reviewed by faculty and staff representing broad disciplinary expertise. Projects will be reviewed base on the following elements: 
    • Quality of proposed project, as determined by clarity and conceptual or imaginative ambition of project, focus of research question, and potential for significant intellectual/creative growth
    • Feasibility of Proposed Project (must be conducted in accordance with current COVID-19 guidelines and/or adequately flexible to evolving situation)
    • Endorsement of the identified faculty member  
    • We will give extra consideration to projects of rising seniors that are meant to set a foundation for their senior thesis.


RAISE 2020 Program Application content

(to be completed in Fluid Review application)

Short Answer Factual Questions

  • Name:
  • Expected graduation year: 
  • Major:
  • POM Email
  • POM Student ID#
  • Project discipline
  • Name of faculty member who endorses your project (this faculty member will be contacted upon submission of your application):
  • If you are a rising senior, does this project contribute to your senior thesis exercise?   Yes / No 
  • Does your project involve human subjects?  Yes / No   --   If yes, what classes have you taken that have prepared you to perform human subjects research? 

Project Definition Questions

  • Project Title:
  • What do you propose to do or create?  I.e. What question do you want to explore?  What artifact or composition do you want to create?  And how does it tie in with your past and/or future academic pursuits? (Limit: 300 words)
  • In light of COVID-19 guidelines, what process will you engage in to complete this project? (Limit: 250 words)
  • What do you imagine will be the final product that best encapsulates what you learn, achieve, or create and how do you envision sharing it with the Pomona College community?  (Limit: 250 words)


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