A number of resources and documents about WASC and the accreditation process are available directly from the WASC website:  www.wascsenior.org.  A sample of the more pertinent materials are assembled here to provide easy access to detailed information about the review process and the criteria for evaluation.

WASC Handbook [pdf] : The Handbook of Accreditation describes in detail the Standards, the review process, and the policies and procedures related to accreditation.

Evidence Guide:  Many individuals have questions about what counts as good evidence of student learning and what kinds of data and information to collect.  The Evidence Guide describes the characteristics of good evidence in the context of the WASC standards and provides many examples of assessment that have been used by other institutions.

Visiting teams from WASC use various rubrics to guide their evaluation of institutional quality and effectiveness in key areas relating to the assessment of student learning.   Selected rubrics provide some perspective on what the team will be looking for during its visit to Pomona in spring 2011:

Capstone Rubric:  A rubric for assessing the use of capstone exercises and program learning outcomes.

Program Review Rubric: A rubric for assessing the integration of student learning assessment into program reviews.

Program Learning Outcomes Rubric: A rubric for assessing the quality of academic program learning outcomes.