Alumni Services

Whether you are exploring a career, looking toward graduate school, or planning a job search the CDO is here to assist you!

As an alum, you are welcome to visit and take advantage of the office resources available including our career library and our computers and printers. Our individualized alumni career assistance is targeted to more recent graduates, but our online and library resources are available to all Pomona alumni. Please contact Kerry Martin for more information and to learn about individualized assistance.

Additionally, you can click the links below for a quick start toward the following areas of interest:

Getting Involved

You might be interested in connecting with students to share your experience, talk about your career paths, or recruit interns or employees for your organizations. We encourage you to review the information on helping current Pomona students ​to learn how you can get involved. Your willingness to talk and work with current students can make a real difference in their career choices and paths.

Networking Resources

Networking with Pomona alumni is an excellent way to increase your professional connections and understanding. For assistance connecting with alumni and others in your field(s) of interest, check out our ​Networking 101 resources and talk with the CDO staff!


LinkedIn is a helpful resource to identify Pomona Alumni with similar career interests. If you include Pomona College in your LinkedIn profile, you'll be automatically linked to the​ Pomona College LinkedIn page. 

LinkedIn Groups

Joining LinkedIn Groups is an excellent way to become a part of the Pomona College alumni community and field related conversations. Search for Pomona College groups including​ Pomona College Alumni, Pomona College Career Connections, Pomona College Career Advisors, and others.

Sagehen Connect

Sagehen Connect is the official Pomona College Alumni directory. Register and connect with both alumni and student Sagehens. Sign up to be a Sage Coach to assist other alumni and students with career and graduate school advice, job/internship information, and resume reviews.