How to Post On-Campus Jobs

All on-campus jobs are posted on Handshake, an online recruiting system used by students to locate jobs and internships. Supervisors in each on-campus department will need to create an account in order to post on-campus jobs.

To create an account to advertise your on-campus positions to all students on Handshake:

  • Create an Employer account on Handshake.
  • Click the "Employer" button which will trigger the employer registration form to appear.
  • Complete the employer registration form and click "Sign Up."
  • You will receive an email to confirm your email address before you can continue the registration process.
  • Important Note: When signing in as an employer on Handshake:
    • Do Not use Pomona College Sign On
    • Use Log In using Email and Password
  • When registering, the company you want to join is "Pomona College Student Employment."
  • All on-campus jobs will be posted as "Pomona College Student Employment."

Step-by-Step Instructions for Posting a Job to Handshake

First, Login to Handshake and then, click the "Post a Job" tab appearing on your home screen. For additional posting details and step-by-step instructions, please see the items listed below.  


  • The "Title" of your job must follow these guidelines: Division – Job Title.
    • Division is your department. You will also need to choose your Division from the dropdown.
  • Select "On Campus Student Employment" for the "Job Type"
  • Indicate whether the position is seasonal, full-time, or part-time
  • Click "Next" or "Details" on the bottom navigation


  • Indicate the "Job function." The job function should directly reflect the tasks the student will perform.
  • Indicate the "Salary type," "Pay Rate," and "Duration."
  • If you have additional application instructions, please provide details. For example, if a student must submit an application through Handshake, but also submit an application through another website, or in-person.
  • Select the "Contact" and whether you want the contacts name and information to be visible to applicants.
  • Indicate the address of the "Job Location."
  • Click "Next" or "Description" on the bottom navigation.


  • If your position is limited to Pomona College students, please indicate "POM STUDENTS ONLY" in the first line of the description.
  • Include your "Description," "Desired Skills," and "Responsibilities."
  • Click "Next" or "Schools" on the bottom navigation.


  • Choose "Pomona College" from the drop down. Do not check "Interested in Interviewing on Campus" as this will prompt the Career Development Office to reach out to you to book a room for your interviews.
  • Job postings are set to expire after one month. If you would like to repost your position after one month, please follow these steps.
  • Do not "Add another School." By choosing Pomona College, your job will automatically be seen by students across the Claremont College Consortium. If your on-campus job is only available to Pomona College students, please be sure to indicate "POM STUDENTS ONLY" in the first line of the description (see above).
  • Click "Next" or "Requirements" on the bottom navigation.


  • Do NOT select "Work Study Job." Work Study is not equivalent to Pomona College's Work Allotment. Selecting "Work Study Job" will prevent eligible students from applying for your position.
  • Select the "Required Documents" for your application. We recommend requiring a Resume and Cover Letter at minimum.
  • Do not select "Located in the US." This checkbox is only required for off-campus positions.
  • Select the "School Years" desired for the position.
  • If you require a minimum GPA, please indicate so by selecting "Department GPA Required" and/or "Cumulative GPA Required," then indicating the minimum GPA required in the space provided.
  • If your position is restricted to certain majors, click the "Select Major Groups" button, then the "Select Individual Majors" tab. You can then select all of the majors eligible for your position. Click "Finish" when all majors are selected.


  • When you complete your on-campus job posting, click "Create."
  • Your posting will be sent to a queue for approval from the Career Development Office.

If you have any questions about posting an on-campus job, please contact the Career Development Office at (909) 621-8144, or