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Recruit Sagehens: Post Jobs & Internships, Recruit on Campus

Perhaps your employer wants to hire more people like you. Or, maybe you believe strongly enough in the value of your Pomona education that you want to encourage your employer to hire fellow Sagehens.

In any case, you can help students and alumni by working with hiring managers at your organization to involve them in opportunities to hire Pomona students for internships or grads for full-time jobs.

Your organization can interview on campus, host an info session, or post opportunities through our online job portal called Handshake. We can also share an opportunity through our Sagehen-to-Sagehen program where we email opportunities with a special logo indicating the career opportunity is from a Pomona College alum and it would include your contact information so that students could reach out to you directly if they had any questions. If your employer is located in the Los Angeles area and has a low paying or unpaid internship they may be eligible to participate in the Pomona College Internship Program.

If you have any questions about these programs, please email