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Whether you are near or far, the Career Development Office (CDO) welcomes and appreciates the support you can provide to a current or past Pomona College student. There are many opportunities to assist students with their future careers.

Pave the Way for Employment Opportunities

Consider hiring Pomona students and graduates for internships or full-time employment. The CDO has many opportunities to assist you with hiring Pomona students and graduates for internships or full-time employment in your company or organization. Post a full-time or internship position on Handshake or participate in our Recruiting or Pomona College Career Connections LinkedIn Group of volunteer alumni and parents willing to share career and graduate/professional school experiences, information, and advice with students and alumni.

Participate in a Panel or Workshop

Each semester the CDO hosts a number of panels and workshops that include speakers from a wide variety of professions. Students greatly appreciate hearing from practicing professionals and we invite you to come to campus and share your expertise.

For additional information, please contact the Career Development Office at 909-621-8144 or email us.