Career Advising & Resources

Career Advising

Wherever you are, the CDO wants to meet you there. If you already know what you want to do after graduation, or you haven’t updated your résumé since high school, our office wants to support you. Maybe you’re a first-year student with no idea what career path(s) you want to follow. Maybe you’re an alum interested in a career transition. Maybe you’re a computer science major interested in a career in the arts, or a FLI student interested in connecting with a Pomona alum. No matter what stage of your career journey you might find yourself in, the CDO is here to help.

Our Advisors

The CDO is where students connect with their peers, as well as with advisors. Our Career Advisors help guide students along their career journey, calling upon years of experience in career education and skill building, graduate school, professional programs, prelaw, fellowships and global awards, employer relations, career advising for international, DACA and undocumented students, among others.

Resources Directory

The CDO offers a variety of resources to assist students through the career development process. We’ve established partnerships with various external resources for international students, students interested in consulting, alumni mentorship, and more. Check out our Resources Directory to help you easily identify resources that meet your current or future career development needs.

The CDO Resource Directory

Interest & Personality Assessments

Assessments can help start the conversation about some of the factors that influence, shape, and inform your career thoughts. These assessments are not meant to be an end-all answer in dictating what you should do with your life. Think of these assessments as a tool that will help you and your advisor have a common language to start the discussion of what is important to you as you consider your career path.