The interview is a two-way conversation between you and an employer. They find out whether you're the best candidate for the position, and you decide whether their organization is right for you.

The key to a good interview is preparation. These resources show you how to avoid surprises and walk in feeling as confident as possible.

Types of Interviews

What to Wear

You want to impress them with what you say, not startle them by what you wear. Find out how to choose attire that's appropriate.

Interview Questions

Thinking through your responses to practice questions is a great way to prepare. See our list of common questions, things you should ask employers, and what is illegal or inappropriate to ask in an interview.

Case Interviews

This type of interview, common in the banking and consulting industries, gives you a chance to show off your analytic and problem-solving skills. Read up on the types of cases, get some general advice, and find links to practice questions.

Schedule a Practice Interview

Whether you're applying for a job, a fellowship, or graduate or professional school, scheduling a practice interview with one of our counselors is a great way to prepare.