Exploring Careers

Finding the right career means taking the time to reflect on your interests, skills, and values. We have tools that will help. 

The first step in career exploration is to consider what's important to you, then think about how those things line up with your unique talents and skills. We have resources online, in-person, and in our library to help you find and prepare for a rewarding career.

Career Advising

Make an Appointment Today! 

Whether you want help exploring career options or are ready for a serious job search strategy, our counselors can offer sound advice and a personalized walk-through of career development resources. Schedule a virtual or in-person appointment today!


Candid Career

Discover video testimonials featuring Pomona College alumni! Candid Career videos cover a variety of industries and highlight strategies for getting started in the field.

Informational Interviews

Have conversations with industry professionals and gain insight from their firsthand experience working in the fields of your interest. 

Interest & Personality Assessments

Assess your strengths and talents, and discover the careers you are most interested in pursuing. 

Class Year Checklists

Wondering how you can jumpstart your career development journey? The CDO has checklists for each class year, highlighting important milestones to consider and pursue during your time at Pomona College to better prepare for what comes next.