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Career Advising

You may experience myriad emotions as you consider what you want to do with life beyond your role as student, from what to do with your summer plans to transitioning out of school altogether. Depending on the time of the year or even time of day, you may feel excitement, anxiety, fear, doubts, numbness, confusion, focus, questions, motivation, and exhaustion.

Individual appointments with counselors are available for you to talk through any of these emotions in addition to strategies that can help you to move forward.

Five Good Reasons to Make an Appointment to Talk with a Career Counselor

(Appointments: 15+ minutes)

You have:

  1. Questions about what to consider in choosing a college major
  2. Doubts about what you can do with the major you have chosen
  3. Interest in exploring what career paths might best match your interest areas
  4. Questions about graduate school or fellowship options
  5. No idea where to begin!

To schedule an appointment, log into Handshake and click on “Appointments”.

Schedule an Appointment

Five Good Reasons to Stop by for a Drop-In Advising Session

(Drop-ins: 10-15 minutes)

You have:

  1. Questions about resume, cover letter, and/or curriculum vitae
  2. An upcoming interview and need some pointers
  3. Questions about basic places to start your internship or job search
  4. Specific graduate school related questions
  5. Find out more about what the CDO offers!

More Information on Drop-In Advising