Assess Yourself

  • Make an appointment with a career counselor to discuss assessments and career options.
  • Clarify skills, interests, and work preferences and reflect on how they relate to possible careers.
  • Examine your experiences (work, classroom, hobbies, etc.) and identify those that ignite your passions and imagination.

Explore Interests

  • Build knowledge and identify skills and experiences for fields of interest using Career Beam, print and on-line resources, professional associations, etc.
  • Actively participate in groups related to your interests to gain experience and test out those fields.
  • Talk with alumni and others with similar interests and learn about their experiences.
  • Visit the Study Abroad Office to look into options for studying abroad.

Develop Skills

  • Join LinkedIn Groups related to your fields of interest.
  • Update your résumé to reflect your college experiences.
  • Build your professional network – conduct informational interviews, talk with professors, and attend industry-related events.
  • Search for summer internships that build on your interests. Learn how to position yourself for getting your top opportunities.

Implement Your Plan

  • Declare your major after exploring varied coursework.
  • Complete a career-related internship or research position either through PCIP, SURP​ or on your own.
  • Develop an on-going connection with 3-5 people working in your field for mentoring and professional advisement.