Resources for Finance/Accounting

Selected Fellowship Opportunities

Job Boards

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  • Internships – USA: “Internships with America’s Top Companies”
  • Current Jobs for Graduates: “Math/Statistics/Economics”

Selected CDO Library Books (Section 10)

  • “Careers in Accounting”
  • “A Practical Guide to Quantitative Finance Interviews”
  • “Killer Investment Banking Resumes”
  • “Getting Started as a Financial Planner”
  • “Beat the Street II: I-Banking Interview Practice Guide”

Vault Guides

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  • “Vault Career Guide to Investment Banking”
  • “Vault Guide to Finance Interviews, 9th Edition”
  • “Vault Guide to Banking and Financial Services Jobs”
  • “Vault Career Guide to Sales and Trading”
  • “Vault Career Guide to Accounting, Second Edition”
  • “Vault Guide to Accounting Jobs”