Exploring Graduate School

Many Pomona students and alumni choose to attend graduate or professional school.  Being successful and satisfied with your graduate school experience depends on how much thought you have given to your educational and career goals.

Should you go to graduate school? Should you go on directly after graduation from Pomona or wait a few years? There are no hard and fast rules to deciding about grad school.  But, it is very important to

  • Be clear about your reasons for going to grad school
  • Understand your personal and career goals related to advanced study
  • Have an accurate picture of the realities of the job market in your chosen field

Talk with Pomona faculty, and students and alumni of target programs, and even prospective employers, in order to hear their perspectives on the advantages of immediate versus delayed entry and get their input on particular programs.  Understanding the expectations and demands of your chosen field will also help you make the best decision about when to pursue graduate school and what type of program would be most helpful.

Additional Resources

Many resources are available to assist you in exploring and applying to graduate and professional school. Use Sagehen Career Tools and section 30 of the Career Library to identify online and print resources to assist as you explore options.

Pursuing graduate or professional school deserves careful consideration. The CDO is happy to assist you - contact the CDO to discuss your personal and career goals and work on your decisions and application process.