Prelaw Advising

Pomona's rigorous academic program provides excellent preparation for students and alumni considering law school. Students considering law as a career often wonder whether there is a preferred academic track for them. Pomona College does not offer a formal pre-law curriculum. There is no "preferred" academic major for law school admissions. A much more important determinant than an academic major in admission to law school is the grade point average. It is best to select a major and courses that you will find intellectually stimulating because it is what you will most likely excel in. The American Bar Association and its 203 associated law schools do not require nor recommend any undergraduate major or courses for those preparing for law school.

Pomona students interested in law are encouraged to develop their analytic, reading, writing, and speaking skills by taking challenging and varied courses throughout their undergraduate career.

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Prelaw Resources

There are numerous websites available to research all aspects of the law process, including advice about the application process, information regarding individual law schools, financial aid resources, and various Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) preparation information. The following sites will provide you with a good start.