Dear Faculty & Staff,

Welcome to the Career Development Office. We have extensive resources and services that you can use when advising your students or for your alumni and employer contacts. There are various ways we can help students from their first days at Pomona College through graduation and beyond. Encourage students to visit our site, drop-in or make an appointment.

The CDO staff can help students who are considering which major to pursue, review internship opportunities, make informed career decisions and plan for pursuits in graduate study. In the spirit of the liberal arts we encourage students to not ‘link' major pursuits with career pursuits. Rather we assist a student with major decision making as a separate process by helping them consider the major that matches their passions. Career pursuits can flow naturally from internships and other extracurricular activities. Hence the physics major who manages his/her own company and the English major who becomes an investment banker.

If you are advising a student and would like to refer the student to career, internship, or graduate school resources please have them visit one of the nation's largest, most comprehensive and currently updated career resource libraries. The CDO Career Resource Library holds over 2,000 pieces in its collection. Students (and faculty) can check books out overnight or over the weekend. To view the library online as well as a comprehensive listing of career-related websites, please visit Sagehen Career Tools.

If you are meeting with a student who needs assistance preparing a CV or resume or help with interviewing for graduate school, a job or internship we provide critiques and assistance. Students may set an individual appointment or come in for our walk-in advising service available Monday through Friday.

As you know, many Pomona College students go onto graduate school at some point in their career. We have many resources to assist them. The CDO Resource Library, Career Access Resource Library, as well as workshops and panels on the application process, the personal statement and exam preparation are available to supplement the program information that faculty provide.

I invite you to stop by the CDO and talk with me about our services or browse through our library of resources. I also encourage you to visit the various areas within the CDO Web. Please let me know if you would like to have a presentation of major, career, or resource options provided to your class. We are happy to come to you or to have your class join us in the office. Faculty members who have made this request have found it to be very beneficial for their students.

The professional staff members of the CDO are always just an email or phone call away. We look forward to partnering with you as a resource in developing the futures of our students.

Mary Raymond
Associate Dean/Director