Would you or a colleague be interested in mentoring a student who has a project associated with your office? The Campus Fellowships for Experiential Learning offers students an opportunity to engage in a self-led, project-based experience with a research component, completed with the support of staff in the Student Affairs division at Pomona College.  Selected Fellows receive a $750 stipend for experiences that encompass the following:

  • Can be related to pre-thesis/thesis work
  • A project that furthers students’ academic interests and/or career development
  • Take the form of a paper, performance, or other creative work

Just as the Pomona College Internship Program (PCIP) provides off-campus experiential learning opportunities, the Campus Fellowships for Experiential Learning provides support for an on-campus experiential learning opportunity that enhances a student’s self-understanding & knowledge of resources in support of their academic and/or career aspirations.  For more information, please email recruiting@pomona.edu. 

How Fellows Are Selected

  • Students must identify & design a project that can be completed in the semester in no more than 60 hours.
  • Projects should be short-term, feasible to complete in the time allotted.
  • Students apply to available positions with Student Affairs offices via Handshake.
  • Participating staff members of Student Affairs offices must decide which student(s)/project(s) they’d like to support for the semester.
  • There is funding to support seven (7) Campus Fellows across the Student Affairs division.
    • $750 stipend will be awarded to Fellows in two (2) disbursements at the beginning and end of the program.

Expectations of Mentors

  • Meet with your Fellow at the beginning of their project in order to gain an understanding of their goals & project timeline.
  • Continue to regularly meet with your Fellow throughout the semester to ensure progress on their project, troubleshoot any issues, and connect them to resources that may aid in the completion of their project.
    • Projects must be completed in no more than 60 hours in the semester
  • Whenever appropriate, include your Fellow in staff meetings or planning sessions relevant to their project
  • Campus Fellows are not salaried or shift positions and there are no expectations of Fellows providing administrative support for a department/program.

Expectations of Campus Fellows

  • Observe sponsoring department/program/office guidelines for etiquette and confidentiality.
  • Conduct themselves professionally in all interactions with Mentor and sponsoring department/program/office staff.
  • Complete project within 60 hours during the semester

Application Process for Students Interested in becoming a Campus Fellow

Learn more about the Campus Fellowships for Experiential Learning application process.

Application Process for Student Affairs Staff Interested in becoming Mentors

  • Applications for the spring 2018 semester were due in November 2017.  Please check back later for the next semester's fellowship dates!
    • The CDO will post your position in Handshake, the college’s career services platform.
    • The CDO will forward all applicant materials to the mentor/supervisor named in the application.
    • The mentor/supervisor will review all applications and ultimately select a Fellow.

Funding Process for Campus Fellows

  • Funding will be dispersed via Direct Deposit to the Fellow.
  • CDO will coordinate with Business Office and Fellow for Direct Deposit paperwork.