Finding On-Campus, Tutoring, Part-Time & Seasonal Jobs

On-Campus Student Employment

Pomona College student employment listings are available on Handshake. Here is some information to help you find opportunities on Handshake.

Login Information: All Pomona students have a Handshake account that can be accessed through the Campus Portal using single sign-on.  If you are a new student, your Handshake account will be available in mid to late August.

Searching for Opportunities:

  • Login to your Handshake account, and click Jobs.
  • Click On-Campus to filter for on-campus jobs. 
  • For jobs on the Pomona College campus ONLY, type "Pomona" in the search box.
  • If you are interested in jobs at any of The Claremont Colleges, leave this box blank. 

(Note: Pomona does not differentiate between work-study and non-work study. All Pomona students are eligible for on-campus jobs on the Pomona campus.)

Timelines: Most positions are posted and filled in September/October. Some openings do become available in January/February. There are plenty of on-campus jobs, but make sure to start looking for a position during the first week of classes for the semester.

Looking for more information? Check out the Financial Aid's website on Student Employment.

Local Community Opportunities

There are several part-time positions in the Claremont area for students in addition to on-campus employment. Part-time tutoring and childcare positions are posted in Handshake by searching for "local community opportunities" under Jobs.

Pay rates: Tutoring positions generally start at $20 per hour and childcare positions generally start at $15 per hour. 

If you have any questions, please email