To plan your job search effectively, it is important to know when different industries recruit new employees. The diagram below shows the timeframes in which companies from various fields begin to search for new employees.

Investment banking and finance, september through december. Technology september through january. education, nonprofit and government, december through may. Advertising, marketing and public relations, march through august

Early Recruiting Industries

It is important to start early when job searching in business, finance, and technology. Many firms that recruit on campus will hold information sessions, interviews, and other events during the first half of fall semester. In fact, the majority of positions in investment banking and consulting that start in June will be filled before Winter Break.

Late Recruiting Industries

The hiring cycles for education, government, and non-profit organizations begin later in the academic year. Employers in these fields assess their hiring needs and subsequently post positions during the winter, spring, or even summer. Many companies only look to fill positions that have recently been vacated. For government agencies, recruiting cycles vary by agency, so it is important to research application deadlines throughout the year. For education, some programs, including Teach for America and City Year, recruit during the fall semester or earlier.