Recruiting Programs

The CDO provides two major programs to connect students directly with employers and graduate schools. These programs offer students access to around 500 employers and 50 graduate schools every year. These programs are:

On-Campus Recruitment (OCR) Program

On-Campus Recruiting is when one of the career centers at The Claremont Colleges invites employers and graduate schools to come on-campus and recruit for open positions or provide information. Employers may collect résumés through a Résumé Drop-in via Handshake, interview students at one of The Claremont Colleges' career centers, attend a career fair, and/or conduct an information session on campus where students can learn more about their organization and meet representatives.

Dates: September to May (Academic Year)

Who Should Participate: All students are welcome to participate. Seniors and recent graduates within 1 year of graduating can apply for full-time positions. Employers target their internship recruiting to juniors and sophomores, but first years are sometimes considered as well. All students and alumni are invited to attend information sessions.

Location: Events may occur at any of The Claremont Colleges, but all are part of Pomona’s OCR program.

Winter Break Recruiting Program

The CDO collaborates with the Career & Internships Connections Consortium, which is comprised of top-ranked colleges from across the country. We work with these schools to organize large interview days that occur in the nation’s largest cities.

Dates: November and January

Who Should Participate: Most positions are for graduating seniors, but there are a growing number of internship opportunities for current students.

Location: Chicago, New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and San Francisco

Advantages of Participating in Recruiting Programs

The best part about participating in a recruiting program is that our office brings the employers and graduate schools to you, or we take YOU to them! Some other advantages to consider:

  • Your application is much more likely to be reviewed than if you apply online.
  • Sometimes applying through on-campus recruiting is the ONLY way that organizations will review your application.
  • Attending information sessions and career fairs allows organizations to put a face with a name.
  • It also can give you information beyond what you can find on their website.

The Winter Break Recruiting Program gives students access to more employers from the Midwest and East Coast, which may not be able to travel to Southern California, and we provide funding to help defer expenses for all students that have interviews on the East Coast through the Winter Break Recruiting program.


Below, please find a few of our frequently asked questions. Don't see your question in the list? Email us at

How do I find out who is doing on-campus recruiting?

Log in to your Handshake account. To search for information sessions and tables go to “Events” and then “Organization Events.” To see interviewing opportunities go to the “Handshake Opportunities” section, then under “Show Me” select “On-Campus Recruiting/Interviews.”

Why do many of the organizations coming to campus seem business-related?

Businesses do more mass hiring for internship and full-time positions. Many organizations, such as non-profits, scientific and law firms, government agencies, publishing houses, and public relations firms, hire as positions come available. We still have OCR opportunities with many of these industries, but not in the same numbers as the business organizations. Also, many of these non-business opportunities come through our Winter Break Recruiting Program.

Why shouldn’t I just apply on the employer’s website for these positions? Why should I go through the CDO and Handshake?

Organizations typically give priority to applicants that come through OCR or the Winter Break Recruiting programs. If they have not filled all their positions through these programs, then they will look at applicants who solely applied online.

I’m too busy to make the deadlines for positions available through on-campus recruiting. Can I just wait until the summer?

We strongly advise against this. Organizations that participate in on-campus recruiting have a hiring cycle and most likely will have all their positions filled by the summer.

Why don’t more organizations come to the Pomona campus?

In regards to employers coming to other Claremont Colleges already, we have an agreement with the other Claremont Colleges to not try to “take” employers that are already conducting interviews at their campus. Employers choose a campus at which to interview for a variety of reasons. Even though they must choose one campus at which to recruit, they want to recruit all students at The Claremont Colleges equally. The CDO offers students access to around 500 employers and 50 graduate schools every year through our on-campus recruiting and Winter Break Recruiting programs. These are very impressive numbers for a small liberal arts college. If you would like to see an employer come that does not already recruit at one of the colleges, email the employer information to and we’ll see if we can bring them here.

When does on-campus recruiting begin?

OCR for graduate schools occurs year-round, but mainly in the fall semester. Employers recruit for most full-time positions in the early fall (September and October), but there are some exceptions for law, education, and healthcare industries which also recruit in the spring. Employers recruit for most internship positions in the spring (January/February), but some consulting and finance employers are starting to recruit in the fall.