Hiring & Recruiting Cycles

To plan your job search effectively, it is important to know when different industries recruit new employees. 

  • Consulting: Summer - Fall
  • Government: Summer - Fall 
  • Investment Banking: Summer - Fall
  • Technology: Summer - Fall
  • Education: Winter - Spring
  • Arts, Entertainment & Media: Spring
  • Non-Profit: Spring

Early Recruiting Cycles

It is important to start early when job searching in business, finance, government, and technology. Many firms that recruit on campus will hold information sessions, interviews, and other events as early as summer and run through September. In fact, the majority of positions in investment banking and consulting start in June.

Other Recruiting Cycles

The hiring cycles for other fields tend to begin later in the academic year but may also recruit early. It is important to check Handshake and/or Sneak Peek of the Week for events and deadlines. Many employers only look to fill positions that have recently been vacated. For education, some programs, including Teach for America and City Year, recruit during the fall semester or earlier.