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Meat, Dairy and Eggs

Dining Services is committed to using animal products that were raised with considerations for animal welfare and that lessen environmental impact. 

  • We purchase only cage-free eggs in all of our operations. Purchasing cage-free ensures that chickens are not confined to battery cages and are able to move about and engage in natural behaviors. We buy our eggs from Chino Valley Ranchers in Colton, CA, a three-generation family farm. By purchasing only cage-free eggs, Pomona keeps 1,500 chickens out of cages annually. 
  • We are committed to offering Certified Humane meat. Currently, the chicken breasts and hamburger patties at the grill station come from family-owned responsible farms, which allow the animals to roam, feed them a vegetarian diet and do not use hormones or antibiotics. 
    • We purchase chicken breasts from Mary's Free-Range Chicken, a family-owned farm in the San Joaquin Valley in California. 
    • The rest of our chicken comes from ABF Farms that is animal welfare certified, third party audited, certified humanely raised, handled, and processed. ABF Farms originates, processes, and distributes poultry from contracted farming partners. 
    • The hamburger patties come from Fulton Hamburgers in Oregon and are certified Humane.
  • All milk is rBST free, meaning cows are never given bovine growth hormones to stimulate production.
  • We are able to purchase organic yogurt, which ensures that cows are fed an entirely organic diet, have access to pasture and are never given antibiotics or hormones.