MSC-certified chunky ahi tuna poke, photo credit: Carlos Puma

In summer 2011, Pomona College Dining Services became the first liberal arts school to be Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certified.  MSC's “Chain of Custody” certification assures that in every step of the chain – from the fishers, to the processor, to the distributor and the end user – MSC-certified seafood is not mixed with or substituted for non-certified seafood.  We are committed to using only MSC-certified seafood products in the dining halls and are currently in the process of making this transition.  The MSC standard is based on three core principles: health of the stock; impact on the marine ecosystem; and management of the fishery.

Featured fishery table at MSC Launch Dinner, photo credit: Carlos Puma

We are currently using the following MSC-certified seafood products (click on each item for more information on the source fishery):

Pomona College featured in an industry article regarding our MSC Seafood - October 2014 [pdf]

For more information on our local tuna harvester, please see Local Farms and Businesses.