Established in 2005, The President’s Advisory Committee on Diversity (PACD) serves as a leadership body for diversity at Pomona College.  With a membership that includes representatives from a wide range of campus constituents, its charge is to monitor campus diversity, advising the President about issues that need attention and assessing Pomona's progress on key priorities.

Lighting the Path to 2025, A Vision for Diversity: Climate & Community, Scholarship and Learning, Institutional Commitment, Access and Inclusion

Lighting the Path to 2025: A Vision for Diversity” is a living document intended to guide and inform the work of the College on diversity and inclusion over the next decade. Members of Pomona College can access a full draft of the document with a campus login.

President's Charge to PACD (2005) 


In its 2011-12 year-end report, the President's Advisory Committee on Diversity (PACD) recommended that the College "develop a coordinated process of long-term strategic planning for diversity that builds a strong vision for the future and is supported by ongoing review of challenges and progress."  PACD served as the coordinating body in a campus-wide planning effort, culminating in "Lighting the Path to 2025: A Vision for Diversity," presented to the Pomona College community  in May 2015.  

The plan represents one milestone among many in the course of work not only by PACD, but by many members of our community whose diligent efforts, spanning many years, brought us to this point.  Diversity is not a new conversation at Pomona, but our work is not yet done.  The vision calls on every member of the Pomona community to engage and help lead the College forward in this exciting mission.


Committee Year-End Reports

PACD diversity benchmarks and year-end reports to the President and to the Pomona College community are available here by logging in to Pomona's portal.

PACD is composed of three faculty members, at least two of whom are associate or full professors, appointed by the Executive Committee for two-year terms; the Associate Dean of the College who serves as a Diversity Officer; two staff members, appointed by the Staff Council; three students, appointed by the ASPC; an Associate Dean from Student Affairs; an Associate Dean or Director from Admissions; the Director of the Draper Center; the Director of Institutional Research; a Director or Associate Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement; and the Assistant Vice President, Human Resources.

2018-19 Members

  • Chair - Nicole Weekes, Professor of Neuroscience; Associate Dean (Diversity Officer)
  • Iosefa Aina, Director of the Draper Center
  • Fernando Barcelo ’20, Student
  • Samantha Borje ’19, Student
  • Travis Brown, Director of the Quantitative Skills Center and Academic Cohorts
  • Phil Choi, Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy
  • Wanda Gibson (Second year), Senior Associate Director CDO
  • Kris Graham, President’s Advisory Committee on Diversity Assistant
  • Carla M. Guerrero ’06, Associate Director, Communication & Strategic Content
  • Nicole R. Holliday, Assistant Professor of Linguistics and Cognitive Science
  • Brady Huang ’21, Student
  • Brandon Kyle, Associate Director of Community Development and Annual Giving
  • Sue McCarthy, Title IX Coordinator/Clery Officer and Associate Dean
  • Ashley Pallie, Associate Dean Admissions
  • Jennifer Rachford, Director of Institutional Research
  • Alfredo Reyes-Guzman ’20, Student
  • Rolando Rene Talbott, Director, Program Management Office, ITS
  • Ric Townes, Associate Dean, Student Mentoring and Leadership and Diversity Officer

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