If you are interested in learning more about Community Partnership curricula, the Faculty Coordinator at the Draper Center is here to help.  Throughout the year, we offer workshops and one-on-one advice for any faculty member looking to revise or create a course integrating community work in any way.

Here are two upcoming opportunities this fall:

“Community Partnership Courses: Getting Started”
Thursday, September 29th, 12 noon (Location TBA)
What are community partnership courses? How do they impact student learning? How can community partnerships fit into my department's curriculum? How do I create a community partnership course? In this 50 minute discussion, Tomás Summers Sandoval–the Faculty Coordinator at the Draper Center for Community Partnerships–will provide an introductory overview to the pedagogical practice of integrating community involvement into an academic course. Designed with the newcomer in mind, this workshop will provide you an introduction into the curricular benefits of community partnership courses, as well as some of the tools necessary to get started developing your own course.

“Community Partnership Courses: What does it look like?”
Thursday, November 10th, 12 noon (Location TBA)
You are interested in developing a community partnership course, but you're not sure how to get started. In this insightful one-hour discussion, Tomás Summers Sandoval will provide you some samples of how faculty can integrate community partnership opportunities into their disciplinary-based courses, paying special attention to management of student service; relations with community partners; and assessment. Designed with the newcomer in mind, this workshop will help put the theory of community work into practice, and provide you with some of the tools you'll need to design your own course.