Here are just a few of the Community Partnership (CP) courses offered at Pomona College:

THEA061 Theatre for Young Audiences Professor Rose Portillo
A practicum-based examination of the theories and practice of creating dramatic work for young audiences. Working with local school groups, participants develop a script and mount a production for performances on campus and/or in a school setting. Prior theatre experience is desirable but not required.

SOC 114 CH01 LA Communities: Transformations, Inequality, and Activism Professor Gilda Ochoa
Use of case study approach to explore the interplay between economic and demographic transformations and community dynamics. Review of most recent scholarship in this area; consideration of economic transformations, (im)migration, class divisions, race and ethnic relations, community organizing, women and activism, strategies for change.

SOC 150 CH. Chicanos/Latinas and Education Professor Gilda Ochoa
Examines the historical and institutional processes related to the educational experiences of Chicanas/os and Latinas/os. As well as exploring the relationship between school factors (tracking, teacher expectations and educational resources) and educational performance, attention is given to the politics of language, cultural democracy and schooling, higher education and forms of resistance. A field internship option is part of the course.

Math 183 Mathematical Modeling Professor Ami Radunskaya
Introduction to the construction and interpretation of deterministic and stochastic models in the biological, social and physical sciences, including simulation studies. Students are required to develop a model in an area of their interest.

POLI 136 Politics of Environmental Justice Professor Rick Worthington
Examines political action aimed at environmental justice and sustainability, with emphasis on power dynamics around race, ethnicity, class, gender, geography and technological change. Includes analysis of movements in the Los Angeles area, such as those catalyzed by the Bus Riders Union, Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice and others; and collaborative projects with them.