A Draper Center presentation
After sort of inheriting the position last year, I have been in charge of handling Draper Center’s budget requests to the Associated Students of Pomona College.
Alternabreak group in San Francisco
While some of my best experiences with the Draper Center happen right here on campus, two of my most meaningful Draper weeks have happened not in Claremont, but in San Francisco.
AVID Students at Seaver Patio
Last week, Pomona College campus was decorated with cohorts of effervescent high school students flaunting bright white T-shirts, broad smiles, and ignited curiosity towards discovery of a great milestone ahead of them - college.
Pomona Partners Coordinators 2016
If you were to Google my home address, it would tell you that The Rock, GA, is a 34 hour car ride and some change to the east. But if you were to ask me to write down my school address, you’d be directed to Mailbox 1248 at Pomona College.
Tennis Class on the playground
What if tennis was made available for everyone? What if there’s a hidden Roger Federer or Serena Williams somewhere out in the United States who isn’t able to afford tennis expenses?