A Draper Center presentation

After sort of inheriting the position last year, I have been in charge of handling Draper Center’s budget requests to the Associated Students of Pomona College. Honestly, I was worried that this might be a slog, especially during the later part of the year when organizational reviews and budget requests are due. Ultimately, the process of compiling the budgets of seven Draper programs into a coherent proposal was more rewarding than I thought it would be.

Through this process I realized that even an organization of our size will encounter a larger organization's issues. There is no way that each of our 29 coordinators can have a full understanding of our 15 programs; I found that I am well versed only in those programs that I coordinate, ENGAGE and Alternabreak, and a few others. So, for most of the seven ASPC-funded programs, I was relying entirely on other coordinators to provide me their budget for program activities.

It was great to see the amount of support and effort my fellow coordinators put forward in creating their budgets and helping me understand how they related to program initiatives. Yet, this was no surprise having worked within the Draper Center for two years now. New, however, was the appreciation I gained for the activities of many of the programs that I wasn’t familiar with before. For example, it was amazing to learn that the Rooftop Garden program hosts an Annual Harvest Party for its participants!

Handling the budget meant that I could contribute to the success of several great programs at Draper. It is motivating to know that every dollar we are able to obtain will be put to good use through work that creates a lasting impact for the community and learning outcomes for hundreds of 5C students.