Finding Fellowships and Scholarships

Finding competitive grants that match your interests and goals takes time. It's good to start early and to keep a running list of potential opportunities. These resources can help you begin your search; once you've spent time with them, feel free to set up a meeting with our fellowships advisor to ask questions and receive further advice.

Step One: Browse fellowships and scholarships that require Pomona's endorsement

There are several opportunities that require you to apply through Pomona before entering the national or international competition. Reviewing these grants is a good place to start your search.

Step Two: Review our fellowships directory

We have compiled a list of scholarships and fellowships that might appeal to Pomona College students and alumni. The list is divided into several categories to make searching easier. You can also browse the list alphabetically.

Step Three: Search external directories and databases

While several opportunities are listed in our directory, it is by no means comprehensive. There are hundreds of other grants tied to particular disciplines, populations, and types of opportunities. These additional grants are in the fellowships directories and databases.