Juniors who are on or off campus in Spring 2018: 5pm Friday, January 19, 2018.

Potential applicants are urged to contact Prof. Chin or Jennifer Locke before winter break for advice. The deadline is the week that spring classes start! You must be available in person or by email (if studying off campus) to revise your application between the internal deadline and national submission one month later.


To encourage and enable highly accomplished and motivated students to pursue graduate study opportunities.

Programs Funded

Master's and doctoral degrees in the social sciences, arts, and humanities at any accredited graduate school. Degrees in the sciences and the professions (e.g. law, medicine) are not eligible. Social psychology is eligible, but not neuroscience. The Scholarship provides $30,000 for graduate study.  These funds are awarded as a supplement to support provided by the graduate school, and the award may be spread over up to five years to comply with institutional limits on the total amount of a student's annual award.  Beinecke Scholars also receive $4,000 prior to entering graduate school to defray costs of application, moving expenses, etc. This scholarship may be combined with other awards, and may be deferred if another award that does not allow deferral is received, as long as it is used within five years.


Juniors who are U.S. citizens or nationals, planning to pursue graduate degrees, with superior records of scholastic achievement,  and who are currently eligible for financial aid.

Selection Criteria

A very high level of academic achievement and aspiration are important factors. The firmer the plans for graduate study, including knowledge of likely departments in which you want to study and even individuals with whom you would like to work, the stronger your application will be. The nominee's eligibility for financial aid must be certified by the Financial Aid Office.

Application/Nomination Process

Pomona is one of approximately 100 schools invited to nominate one Junior each year.

Internal Application: submit to dropbox on Sakai site (contact Jennifer Locke if you would like to apply and are not already on the Sakai site)

  1. One page application form. Select ‘How to Apply' on Beinecke web linked below for access to forms.
  2. Personal statement. See guidelines on Beinecke web.
  3. Names of three people who have agreed to write for you if you are nominated, and have agreed to be contacted for informal comments during our internal selection process.
  4. Brief resume. Do not fret over the format; concentrate on the information.

Filing an internal application authorizes the Beinecke advisors to request copies of your official transcript and your information from the Financial Aid Office.


Angelina Chin

Official Beinecke Brothers Memorial Scholarship Website