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The Winston Churchill Foundation awards at least fourteen one-year fellowships to enable outstanding American students to study and do research in the sciences, mathematics, and engineering at the University of Cambridge, while residing and holding membership in Churchill College.  Pomona is one of a limited list of U.S. colleges and universities invited to nominate two candidates each year.

Programs Funded

Churchill Scholars enroll in one-year Master's degree, certificate, and diploma programs in relevant fields.  The Foundation's web lists the most likely programs, but candidates may select any suitable program offered at Cambridge.  The Scholarship covers all tuition and fees at the University, accommodation at Churchill College, a generous living allowance, and some travel costs.


Candidates must be U.S. citizens who will be between ages 19 and 26, will hold a bachelor's degree, and may not have attained a doctorate at the time they take up the award.

Selection Criteria

Selection is based on: exceptional academic achievement overall especially in the major as indicated by GPA; capacity for original and creative work as shown by achievements, awards, and letters of reference; and the potential to thrive as a member of the Churchill College and Cambridge University community and to represent the College and the U.S. with distinction.

Application/Nomination Process

Seniors and recent graduates with very strong academic records in eligible fields are invited to apply. Students who want to be considered should discuss their interests with faculty mentors or research supervisors who can give some guidance about suitable graduate opportunities at Cambridge. Candidates nominated by Pomona are expected to have corresponded with potential research supervisors by the time their Churchill applications are submitted. A sample copy of the Churchill Scholarship application is available on the Foundation's website.

Internal Application

The deadline for a first draft of the Churchill Scholarship application with supporting materials is September 26, 2016. Applications should be submitted via email to Alicia Frescas. This draft consists of (1) a completed first draft of the University of Cambridge application and (2) a completed draft of the Churchill Scholarship application, including letters of recommendation. Recommendations should be submitted electronically and may be in draft form; final versions on letterhead are required only for Pomona's two nominees. Do not request hard copy letters now. Links to all application materials and instructions can be found on the Foundation's website.

NOTES: You may write on the Churchill online application but do not submit it on the web until after Pomona's internal selection process. Please submit your draft application as a PDF. This is a first draft--don't worry about perfection!  We will work with our nominees to revise their applications in time for the national receipt deadline.  MCAT or GRE should be taken in time for the Foundation to receive scores no later than the end of December. Scores from the past two years are acceptable. 

Explore likely programs at Cambridge by following links on the Churchill Scholarship site and also using the University's Graduate Prospectus for general subject matter, degree information, and departmental web pages for more detailed information. The faculty advisors listed below can help potential applicants find the right programs at Cambridge and are happy to answer questions about the application before the campus deadline.

The Churchill Foundation now requires nominees to file their Cambridge University applications by mid-October (October 14 this year), which is also the deadline for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship for which potential Churchill candidates are likely to be strong applicants.

Cambridge applications may be submitted in electronic or paper format. The electronic application is recommended, but if not submitted within 2-3 weeks after it is opened, it may disappear and work will not be saved. Therefore for purposes of application drafts we recommend using the paper version as a guide. Both versions are available through the Cambridge Board of Graduate Studies.

Potential applicants are encouraged to explore the Gates Cambridge Scholarship, the Marshall Scholarship and the Downing Scholarship  all of which support graduate study at Cambridge.  The Faculty Advisor listed below can advise you about the possibility of applying for more than one of these fellowships.

Faculty Advisors 2016-2017: 

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